Wellness Massage Therapy

Wellness Massage Therapy is the whole-body approach to general health and wellness. General wellness massage is less focused on specific injuries or trouble areas and more inclusive of the whole body. Rather than targeted techniques, the Licensed Massage Therapist utilizes more flowing, connected techniques to promote increased circulation, cellular and metabolic function, and to significantly assist in rebalancing hormones. Pressure can be varied from light to deep.

With Wellness Massage Therapy, we can:

•Reduce emotional/psychological stress
•Reduce and eliminate physical stress
•Reduce and eliminate anxiety
•Reduce and eliminate depression
•Improve and support mood regulation
•Promote higher/better mood
•Promote feeling of wellbeing
•Boost immune function
•Boost hormone production
•Improve hormone regulation
•Improve circulation
•Boost metabolic function
•Promote regulation of metabolic function
•Lower blood pressure

•Lower heart rate
•Reduce and eliminate pain
•Improve quality of sleep
•Promote healthy, more regular sleep cycles
•Reduce recovery time after illness
•Reduce recovery time after injury
•Reduce recovery time after exercise
•Improve muscle function
•Improve condition and function of connective tissue
•Reduce joint pain
•Reduce generalized muscle pain
•Reduce generalized whole-body pain