Massage Therapy Certification Program

After the successful completion of this program, graduates will be eligible to sit for their federal licensing exam, the MBLEx. This exam is required for licensure in the State of Colorado, and a license is required to legally practice massage therapy in the State of Colorado.

If you do not plan to practice in Colorado after graduating, you are required to learn the licensing requirements for the state in which you do plan to practice. Completion of this program makes you eligible to take the MBLEx, and successfully passing the MBLEx will allow you to get licensed in any state that requires the exam, so long as that state requires as many education hours or fewer as are included in this program.

At this time, we are working toward the following dates:

January 2022: Class begins
December 2021: Pre-enrollment begins
November 2021: Application process opens

*Program details are still being finalized. By completing the "Request More Information" form, you will receive a course catalog when it is available, as well as all finalized course and program information.*

Program is 700 hours.

Outline of Courses:

Massage Theory & Practice

The history of massage, equipment, self-care, postural analysis, basic and advanced techniques (trigger point therapy, myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, and soft tissue release), pregnancy massage, sports massage, and chair massage.


Muscle identification and understanding origin, insertion, and action of each, bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints.

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

Covers all systems of the body, chemistry, cells in-depth, as well as the study of disease in relation to bodywork, indications and contraindications for bodywork, appropriateness of massage for specific medical conditions.


Boundaries, ethics, marketing, insurance billing, laws, financial management, and practice management.

Pathology & Treatment

Specialized injury treatment and pathology classes. This is where students take what they've learned about how the body works (or doesn't) as well as they massage techniques they've learned and practice putting them together to have the greatest positive impact on clients with the gradience and input of experienced, knowledgeable instructors.

Clinical Application

All students will participate in clinical rotations during which they will hold appointments and see members of the public. This will allow them to put into real-time practice what they've been learning and prepare them for their first position as a massage therapist after completing school.

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