Postnatal Massage Therapy in Loveland, CO

Postnatal Massage Therapy is specialized massage therapy designed to support women after pregnancy. A Licensed Massage Therapist with specialized continuing education provides customized hands-on techniques that are not only safe but incredibly beneficial during the postpartum period.

Regular weekly or biweekly postnatal massages can help naturally reduce pain and discomfort after pregnancy. Other benefits of postnatal massages include:

•Reduces swelling
•Helps with hormone balance
•Improves milk production

Del Sol Community Wellness is the premier place in Loveland, CO for a postnatal pregnancy massage.

With Postnatal Massage Therapy, we can:

•Improve sleep quality
•Reduce and eliminate body pain and discomfort
•Reduce and eliminate back pain
•Reduce and eliminate hip pain
•Reduce and eliminate headaches
•Lower stress and anxiety for Mom and Baby
•Promote and aid in hormone regulation
•Promote and support mood regulation
•Lessen and eliminate low mood/depression
•Improve cardiovascular health
•Improve circulation
•Improve oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles
•Lessen swelling of joints
•Lessen swelling/fluid retention in the legs (edema)

•Promotes and aids in lymph function Mom and Baby
•Improves removal of waist by Baby's lymph system
•Lessen and eliminate muscle pain and cramps
•Reduce and eliminate nerve pain
•Reduce and eliminate sciatic nerve pain
•Lower the risk of premature birth
•Aids in preparing Mom's body for birth by maintaining muscle tone while keeping the body relaxed before the start of labor
•Lower risk of labor complications
•Reduce labor duration and pain
•Lower Baby's stress hormones
•Improve Baby's Apgar score
•Lower risk of newborn complications
•Reduce the risk of low birth weight
•Reduce hospital-stay time after birth
•Reduce the risk of post-natal depression

Meet Our Licensed Massage Therapist

Meet Our Licensed Massage Therapist

Roynetta "Roy" Walker, LMT

Roy has worked in healthcare for more than twenty years, and is especially passionate about women's health and natural childbirth, as well as injury rehabilitation. Roy has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, was previously a Certified Nursing Assistant, and was on a path to nursing school before finding her true fit in massage therapy.

A student of Catherine's, Roy graduated from IBMC's massage therapy program in 2020. She has since completed a 32-hour continuing education course prenatal, delivery, and infant massage. She also completed a 40-hour continuing education course on medical massage therapy.

The mother of five, Roy worked with traditional midwives and doulas to deliver four of her children at home, and found it to be an amazing, rewarding experience that has helped lead her toward her speciality of working with women, especially during pregnancy. Coming from a long line of midwives, Roy is carrying on the tradition of assisting and supporting women during pregnancy by providing prenatal and postnatal massage therapy.

Roy is a strong advocate and empowering support for women, mothers, and mothers-to-be, and is such a wonderful addition to the Del Sol team. Call Del Sol Community Wellness in Loveland, CO today to schedule a prenatal massage.