About the Application Process

The application process is designed to help the admissions team at The Master Institute find individuals that will make excellent massage therapists, ideal employees, and who are ready and able to commit themselves to schooling for the next several months.

In the State of Colorado, a license is required to practice massage therapy. To become eligible for the Colorado State Massage Therapy License the following must be completed:

-Successful completion of a state-approved massage therapy program of 500 or more hours.
-Fingerprint / Background check.
-Successful passage of the MBLEx.
-Currently hold professional liability insurance.
-Successful completion of the Colorado State Massage Therapy License application.

Please note that any of the following may result in your Colorado State Massage Therapy License being delayed or possibly denied:

-A misdemeanor.
-A felony.
-An arrest for a sexual offense.
-A medical or mental-health diagnosis that could be construed to affect your ability to practice massage safely and competently.
-A record of excessive use of a habit-forming drug or alcohol.
-Any disciplinary action against a massage license in another state or another health care license in Colorado.

We are looking for individuals who:

-Are of high moral character
-Are excited about taking care of people
-View massage therapy as an important part of healthcare
-Will be committed to their studies and will take schooling seriously
-Are eligible for licensure in Colorado based on the state's requirements (or in another state if the applicant plans to be licensed in a different state immediately upon graduation)
-Will be responsible, reliable, and hard-working employees that will represent well future employers
-Are professional, who take professionalism seriously, and who will represent our industry professionally

Please note:

•The application fee is non-refundable.

•If you have questions, please set up a time to speak to Catherine Nelson, the founder of the school, before you submit your application and payment. She can be reached by phone at (970) 218-7179 or by email at Catherine@DelSolCommunityWellness.com.

•Incomplete applications will not be considered.
•A background check will be done on each applicant. No one will be accepted into the program without a background check, because no one will be able to receive a license from the state without a background check. To understand this more, see the FAQs.
•If you don't wish to submit to a background check, do not apply.

•If you are concerned about what your background check might show, please set up a time to speak to Catherine Nelson, the founder of the school, before you submit your application and payment. She can be reached by phone at (970) 218-7179 or by email at Catherine@DelSolCommunityWellness.com. Not everything on a background check will prevent you from being licensed, so please contact us so we can talk about it.

•Each portion of the application is important and gives the admissions team important information about you, your background and experience, and your goals and motivations. Take care with your writing, your answers, and the amount of effort you put into it.
•You will be evaluated based on your writing. Employers often require a cover letter to apply for the position and many send written notes to insurance companies for reimbursement. It is absolutely imperative therapists be proficient in written communications, and the writing involved in this application process will show the admissions team how proficient you are.
When evaluating the writing, we're looking for:
•No run-on sentences

•Proper punctuation

•Proper grammar•-No misspelled words

•No abbreviated words (such as would be used in text messages)

•How successfully you convey your thoughts, experiences, and opinions.

Please review the application check-list to ensure you've submitted all required information.

Submitting Your Application

You may submit your documents, essays, and required information fully online or on paper.


Download and print the application here. You may email your application, documents, essay to Catherine@DelSolCommunityWellness.com.


You may download and print the application here You may then print your documents, essay, and responses and either mail them to:

Del Sol Community Wellness
2008 Blue Mesa Ct.,
Loveland, CO 80538

Or you can drop them by the same address yourself. If our office is closed, feel free to leave them in the mailbox right outside our door.

Application Check-List

  • Application Check-List
  • Application
  • Resume with References
  • Cover Letter
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Copy of Driver's License, Military ID, or Passport
  • Copy of High School Diploma, Transcript, or GED
  • Receive a Professional Massage of 60 Minutes or Longer
  • Professional Massage Response Essay
  • About Me Responses Submit
  • Application Fee
  • Schedule an Open House
  • Schedule an Interview

Application Step-By-Step

Complete the program application.

Submit a current resume, including three professional references.

Submit a cover letter. The position you're applying for is student.

Submit two letters of recommendation. May not be written by friends or family members.

Receive a professional 60-minute massage (or longer) within 30 days of your application, and write an essay about the experience.

Professional Massage Response Essay requirements:
3-5 paragraphs (3-5 sentences make a paragraph)
Must be typed
What type of massage did you receive? Where did you receive this massage?
What did you like about the clinic/location you visited? What didn't you like?
What did you like about the room you were in? What didn't you like?
What did you like about the therapist? What didn't you like?
Did you feel comfortable while draped? Was there ever a time when you felt uncomfortable or exposed?
Did you like the pressure the therapist used?
Would you return to that clinic or therapist? Why or why not?

About Me Responses and Requirements:

Write a brief response to the following questions. Each question must receive a 2-3 paragraph response. (3-5 sentences make a paragraph.)

a. What background knowledge, experience, or training do you bring with you into your massage career, and how will that help or hinder you as you begin to practice? (No specific background or experience is required--that's what school is for! We just want to know about your background.)

b. What kind of people do you want to treat/work with as a therapist? What type of work or focus do you think you want to have, or which population of people do you think you want to work with, or what kind of problems do you want to help people with?

c. What kind of support do you have from your family and community as you begin this journey? Are your friends and family supportive? Do you have people who will help you with things at home or at work so you will have time to study, practice, and do homework? What kind of plans have you made/will you make to take care of children, carpooling, home responsibilities, meal preparation, laundry, work schedules, work loads, and financial responsibilities both at home and at school?

d. What does "professionalism" mean to you? What are some of the marks or characteristics of professional people? If we talked to your current employer, would he or she describe you as a professional person?

e. What is your current view of massage therapy? Many Americans view massage therapy as a luxury for the rich and something that just helps you relax. Others view it as a critical part of getting well and staying well. How do you see it?

Submit an application fee of $99 via this online link.

Attend an open house event to visit the school, meet the instructors, hear from past students, and ask questions.

After receiving and reviewing your application, we will call you to schedule an interview. If you haven't heard from us within five days of submitting all of your application documents, please call us to follow up.