What is a teaching clinic?

A teaching clinic, like a teaching hospital, is one where patients receive thorough and complete care from licensed and experienced practitioners while students or less experienced practitioners observe, provide care while supervised, and ask questions.

Everyone needs to learn, and experience is the best teacher. Having less experienced practitioners and/or students participating in real time with real patients and real injuries and complaints is the very best learning experience possible.

What can you help with?

If you have an injury, skin problem, or other mild upset and you aren't sure that you need a doctor but are sure you'd like help, we're the perfect place to come. We can look at whatever you have going on, provide treatment, care, and more on the spot, as well as answer your questions and give you directions on how to care for your injury, wound, or issue at home so that you get better without needing more care or visits later.

Why should I come to you?

We can actually help you, and it will cost less than a visit to your doctor or ER. It'll probably be faster, too.

Do I walk in for a regular massage appointment?

No. Our walk-in clinic is not designed to function like a walk-in massage clinic. When you walk in, you'll be evaluated by our staff and then seen by the appropriate practitioner. If it is appropriate that you're seen by the massage therapist, the therapist will work specifically on your issue or area of complaint, providing focused work appropriate to the phase of injury. Focused treatments are typically brief, yet extremely effective when administered as near the date of injury as possible.

How long will I have to wait?

We make every effort to move everyone in and out as quickly as possible. As with any walk-in service, we cannot predict how many people will walk in at any time. We make every effort to communicate wait times as best we are able, but these can always vary and might not be accurate.

Most visit times are less than an hour from check-in to check-out, with the average visit time being about 40 minutes.