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At Del Sol Community Wellness, Inc. we always take the time to listen and never rush anyone in and out.

We take a holistic approach to your health and your goals, meaning we consider you as a whole person.

We also coordinate our care to maximize your results.

Located in Loveland, Colorado | Serving all of Northern Colorado

Our Mission
We are dedicated to changing the way people in our community experience healthcare by providing fully integrated alternative and holistic health and wellness services.

Our Vision
To be a leader in integrated healthcare by helping patients achieve optimum health and wellness.



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Recent posts

Recent Posts

Should My Massage Hurt?

Should My Massage Hurt?  It's "no pain, no gain," right?     Catherine Nelson, LMT, CST, CKTS    Years ago, when I began working with athletes, I began to notice a pattern. Unlike the other patients I...

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Magnesium  What it is and why you need it  By Catherine Nelson, LMT, CST, CKTS      Introduction    Magnesium is a mineral that is critical to the body's functioning. It is required in more than three...

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Home Care for Minor Aches and Injuries

Home Care For   Minor Aches And Injuries  By Catherine Nelson, LMT, CST, CKTS      Most aches and pains can be treated effectively at home. A few simple practices can help pain resolve quickly, and stop pains or...

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