About Us

At Del Sol Community Wellness, Inc. we always take the time to listen and never rush anyone in and out.

We take a holistic approach to your health and your goals, meaning we consider you as a whole person.

We also coordinate our care to maximize your results.

Located in Loveland, Colorado | Serving all of Northern Colorado

Our Mission
We are dedicated to changing the way people in our community experience healthcare by providing fully integrated alternative and holistic health and wellness services.

Our Vision
To be a leader in integrated healthcare by helping patients achieve optimum health and wellness.

Catherine Nelson, Owner, LMT, CST, CKTS

Catherine Nelson, Owner, LMT, CST, CKTS

Catherine's background is in healthcare. She has worked both as a CNA and an EMT, and in total has spent more than fifteen years in the healthcare industry, with ten of those spent in the hospital system. From the emergency department to an inpatient psychiatric facility to radiology, the laboratory, and many other departments, Catherine has cared for many populations of people through many settings. And massage is what she loves best.

Because of her healthcare background, Catherine takes a very scientific and clinical approach to massage and to holistic healthcare. She also understands how many medical conditions and medications work inside the body, and how massage and essential oils will work for you and your specific circumstances. She is able to tailor your massage and treatment plan in consideration of your medical or health condition as well as any medications or supplements you're taking in order to achieve your unique physical and health goals. This means you will truly experience holistic care, care that addresses you as a whole person.

Catherine graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2005. She has studied over thirty-five modalities of massage and bodywork, has more than eight hundred hours of formal study, and has thousands of hours of practical, hands-on experience. Her specialty and passion is medical massage, injury rehabilitation, and sports massage. In addition, she has pursued advanced training in CranioSacral Therapy.


Roynetta "Roy" Walker, LMT

Roy has worked in healthcare for more than twenty years, and is especially passionate about women's health and natural childbirth, as well as injury rehabilitation. Roy has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, was previously a Certified Nursing Assistant, and was on a path to nursing school before finding her true fit in massage therapy.

A student of Catherine's, Roy graduated from IBMC's massage therapy program in 2020. She has since completed a 32-hour continuing education course prenatal, delivery, and infant massage. She also completed a 40-hour continuing education course on medical massage therapy.

The mother of five, Roy worked with traditional midwives and doulas to deliver four of her children at home, and found it to be an amazing, rewarding experience that has helped lead her toward her speciality of working with women, especially during pregnancy. Coming from a long line of midwives, Roy is carrying on the tradition of assisting and supporting women during pregnancy by providing prenatal and postnatal massage therapy.

Roy is a strong advocate and empowering support for women, mothers, and mothers-to-be, and is such a wonderful addition to the Del Sol team.

Kirk Shaw, LMT

Kirk Shaw, LMT

Kirk is a Colorado native and a lifelong athlete. Understanding what it takes to train hard and compete at peak condition, Kirk knows the benefits of massage therapy for athletes. His passion for working with athletes and sports-related injuries led him to pursue massage therapy himself.

A student of Catherine's, he graduated from IBMC's massage therapy program in January 2021. He is now focused on bringing his experience as a lifelong athlete to his massage practice to help each patient achieve and maintain their health goals whether they are a professional athlete or a working parent wanting to do more each day without dealing with pain.

In his free time, Kirk loves to be in the mountains hiking, biking, fishing, and camping. He is also a youth football and basketball coach.

Kirk brings firsthand, real-world knowledge of what it takes to train and compete as an athlete, as well as the qualities of a good coach, and is an excellent addition to the Del Sol team.

Alina Koch, LMT

Alina Koch, LMT

Alina has been a special-needs educator for the past six years, working with children of high trauma and needs. Working with this high-needs group really drove her to pursue massage therapy and new ways to help specialized populations.

A student of Catherine's, Alina graduated IBMC's massage therapy program in January of 2021. Her main interests are in myofascial techniques and injury rehabilitation work.

From her teaching background, Alina brings her unique patience and problem-solving skills to her massage practice as she now focuses on helping patients get out of pain and recover from injuries and surgeries.

Alina loves to be outdoors, in the mountains, hiking, camping, and walking her dogs.

Alina's background and focus on injury rehabilitation make her an asset to the Del Sol team.